ELEKTRONIKA (Vairumtirdzniecības nodaļa)
+ 371 67070710 wholesale@elkor.lv support@ecom20.com (Technical support)
Vairumtirdzniecības nodaļa aicina uz sadarbību jaunus klientus!
The wholesale department of company ELKOR specializes in the following product lines:
  • Electronics
  • Domestic appliances
  • Sport goods
  • Toys
  • Childen's goods
  • Food
  • Clothes, shoes (men's, women's, children's)
  • Sports wear and sports shoes (men’s, women’s, children’s)
The work is consist of B2B sales (Business to Business) and distribution.
Customers:  retail and leader online stores.
Location: Baltic States, Russia, Scandinavia, Poland, Georgia.
Interaction: B2B platform, XML mailing, Individual offers
  • The best and quality brands;
  • A wide range of product groups from suppliers;
  • Individual approach and quality advice;
  • Fast response and delivery;
  • Service support is provided by the “BALTIJAS SERVISS” service.

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